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Innovating Together, Shaping Tomorrow

At Innovate MN, we unite diverse minds to tackle today's challenges and create tomorrow's solutions. Join our collaborative Minnesota think tank and transform ideas into impactful realities.


Join Our Next Innovation Session!

No upcoming events at the moment

Dive into an immersive experience of creative brainstorming and networking. Our next session focuses on a local community challenge, offering a unique opportunity to contribute, learn, and connect. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, your ideas can make a difference.


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Become a member of Innovate MN

Embark on a journey of innovation and growth with us. Follow us to learn more about Innovate MN.

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Why Join?

As a member of Innovate MN, you'll be part of a vibrant community of innovators and thinkers. Gain access to exclusive events, expand your professional network, and collaborate on solving real-world problems. Membership is your gateway to developing new skills, gaining unique insights, and making a tangible impact.


Unlocking Our Collective Innovations: Free Innovate MN Insights for Your Business

At Innovate MN, we believe that every business organization has a real-world challenge that could benefit from creative brainstorming by a diverse group of knowledgeable people. Innovate MN public events offer a unique platform for presenting your unique challenge to a community of thinkers and innovators. 


Together, we can bridge the gap between challenges and innovative solutions. For more details about how Innovate MN could support your business, check out this space for more information or visit one of our events to experience the collaborative magic!

Apply now to tap into the collective intelligence of Minnesota's brightest minds and drive impactful solutions. Let's collaborate to turn your challenges into opportunities!


Our Commitment to a Positive Environment

At Innovate MN, we uphold a Code of Conduct to ensure every session is productive, respectful, and inclusive. This code guides our interactions and is fundamental to our mission of fostering collaborative innovation.

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