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Idea Jam 6 - PILLLAR Forum

Updated: Jun 29

Season 1 - Idea Jam 6

Spotlight Business: PILLLAR Forum

Problem Statements: 

PILLLAR Forum is challenged to effectively market its sustainability initiatives to a broader audience, specifically skateboarders and young music lovers. Despite their commitment to eco-friendly practices, such as using recycled materials and planting trees for each skateboard sold, these efforts are not widely recognized.

Additionally, maximizing collaborations with local businesses and community organizations to promote and enhance their sustainability goals remains a crucial area for growth. The goal is to increase awareness, engagement, and community involvement to drive meaningful environmental impact.


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The Idea Jam session for PILLLAR Forum focused on two primary topics: Sustainability Marketing for coffee and/or music spaces, and Maximizing Collaborations. Participants brainstormed various ideas across four tables, generating a wealth of concepts to enhance PILLLAR Forum's sustainability efforts and collaborative initiatives.

AI Analysis

Topic 1: Sustainability Marketing

What should PILLLAR Forum do next?

  • Enhanced Storytelling:

    1. Share narratives about the sustainability journey, such as the tree-planting initiative.

    2. Highlight customer stories and testimonials.

  • Interactive Marketing:

    1. Create infographics to showcase sustainability impacts.

    2. Organize community events like eco-friendly workshops and tree-planting days.

  • Community Involvement:

    1. Host sustainability-focused events.

    2. Partner with local eco-friendly businesses for joint campaigns.

Suggestive Roadmap:

  • Short-term (1-3 months):

    • Develop storytelling content and infographics.

    • Plan and promote initial community events.

    • Reach out to potential business partners.

  • Mid-term (3-6 months):

    • Execute community events and track engagement.

    • Launch collaborative marketing campaigns.

    • Gather and share customer testimonials.

  • Long-term (6-12 months):

    • Evaluate the impact of sustainability marketing.

    • Expand partnerships and community involvement.

    • Adjust and scale successful initiatives.


  • Collaborate with local eco-friendly businesses and coffee shops.

  • Engage the community through events and workshops.

  • Leverage social media for broader reach.


  • Utilize compelling storytelling and visual tools.

  • Foster community engagement through interactive and educational events.

  • Strengthen partnerships with local businesses.


  • Prioritize storytelling and customer engagement in all marketing efforts.

  • Continuously seek and form partnerships with like-minded businesses.

  • Regularly assess and refine sustainability initiatives based on feedback and results.

Topic 2: Maximizing Collaborations (Partnerships)

What should PILLLAR Forum do next?

  • Local Business Partnerships:

    1. Establish partnerships with local coffee shops and eco-friendly vendors.

    2. Co-host events and share resources for mutual benefit.

  • Community-Centric Initiatives:

    1. Initiate programs involving local schools and community centers.

    2. Organize events that encourage community participation, such as sustainability fairs and neighborhood clean-up days.

  • Innovative Engagement Strategies:

    1. Develop a rewards-based membership program offering benefits for sustainable actions.

    2. Leverage social media to engage the community and promote collaborative efforts.

Suggestive Roadmap:

  • Short-term (1-3 months):

    • Identify and reach out to potential local partners.

    • Develop a community program plan.

    • Create a membership program framework.

  • Mid-term (3-6 months):

    • Launch initial collaborative events.

    • Implement the membership program.

    • Use social media to promote events and programs.

  • Long-term (6-12 months):

    • Evaluate the success of collaborations and community programs.

    • Expand and refine the membership program.

    • Strengthen ongoing partnerships and seek new ones.

  • Collaborate with local schools, skate parks, and community centers.

  • Partner with local businesses for joint marketing and events.

  • Engage a wider audience through innovative community programs.

  • Focus on building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Develop programs that engage and involve the local community.

  • Use social media and other platforms to promote collaborative efforts and events.

  • Actively seek and form partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

  • Design community programs that are engaging and impactful.

  • Leverage social media to highlight collaborative successes and community involvement.




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